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  1. Feature requests
  2. How can you show a triplet?
  3. Loving Life with iReal Book
  4. Number of bars/measures per line
  5. New (2011) Feature: Player
  6. How to connect the guitar (bass) to the iPhone to practice with the iRealBook player?
  7. extending song length
  8. Style Packs? <old discussion thread>
  9. Eek! 7/8!
  10. Wow, this might be valid for live...
  11. Suggestions for gigs w/Player
  12. little idea about melody lines
  13. Sidewinder - Lee Morgan
  14. Multitasking using Player
  15. You made my day!!!
  16. Amp for iReal Player for Coffehouse ?
  17. Midi
  18. Repeat more than once
  19. Best Real Book
  20. Bug? Keys lost when sending playlist?
  21. Export and email audio?
  22. Using mic on headset with ipad
  23. AKAI Synthstation25 Compatibility?
  24. From Arab to Roman
  25. Notation translation
  26. 6/8 count in
  27. iReal Book into the future: iReal b 4.0
  28. Count in sound/volume changeable?
  29. Adding Bars
  30. iReal b + Amplitube
  31. How do I use irig with irealb?
  32. Garage band
  33. Airturn: Page turn foot pedal
  34. Can I number bars?
  35. WebOS HP TouchPad?
  36. Jazz style pack lost
  37. CODA on Playback Issue?
  38. Transfer BIAB to iReal b
  39. MIDI Export anytime soon?
  40. Using Jam and Garage band with ireal
  41. NEW USERS: start here
  42. Lyrics?
  43. END function discussion
  44. Search Box won't show -drills?
  45. How to manage différent transposition for one song IN several lists
  46. import from midi?
  47. Drum patterns apparently can't be edited.
  48. Writing in changes
  49. Problems with iOS v4.0.6 update (2011)
  50. iReal B no more in French App Store
  51. How to add a TAG?
  52. Writing two page chart
  53. Ran out of bars - is there a limit?
  54. 6/8 Time playback
  55. PDF real books for iPad
  56. Copy and Paste Problem?
  57. how do i edit the title of a song?
  58. need help with player recognize 'head' + 'solos' section
  59. buttons at bottom of player not working in iOS5
  60. export list to pdf
  61. Different styles in the same tune
  62. Chord change on the off beat?
  63. Problem with audio Export ...
  64. Loop and other functions not working
  65. Downloading on Mac and transferring to iPhone
  66. SampleTank iOS + iReal b
  67. arrangement of song without rhythm section
  68. Open recent song
  69. how can I download the exercises from the new iReal b?
  70. Moving files from iPhone to iPad
  71. repeat passes/more than 32 bars
  72. Copy problems
  73. How do edit this chord Dm9/5#?
  74. Hybrids
  75. Core Midi Out?
  76. Bluetooth airplay?
  77. Using headphones with iPhone and irealb
  78. can't enter ">" for accents with Text tool? (iPad)
  79. any way to get the iPhone-style editing screen on the iPad?
  80. How does the "End" button work?
  81. How indicate to the player to stop play?
  82. hits/chord changes on an upbeat
  83. Search bar disappears...
  84. Insert a bar?
  85. How do you export wav file to Garage Band on my computer?
  86. Player showing chords on a piano
  87. 5/4 time
  88. The Hub
  89. Apogee Jam support?
  90. play along apps
  91. recording
  92. Transpose a selection of bars?
  93. Waltz playback setting ?
  94. How to delete a defective song?
  95. Congratulations for this new version
  96. Rhythm Variation
  97. Export as Mp4; where does it go?
  98. Guitar chords viewer
  99. AV ability
  100. qquestion from neebie to sight
  101. Sort order of Playlists?
  102. Syncing Songs On Ipad, Iphone, Macbook pro
  103. How to make 2 pages ? ans the forum search doesn't work ?
  104. Printing
  105. Strange problem with reverb/FX
  106. Help with chord change rhythms
  107. Help with 1st 2nd and 3rd ending :(
  108. BUG: song info reverts to default when changing title info
  109. Can I insert rests?
  110. Newbie Question. What is saved with a song, style, tempo?
  111. song sync via the cloud
  112. Chord changes on half beats/up beats
  113. Where to find...
  114. Import song
  115. Substitution chords
  116. How to delete local file after audio export ?
  117. How do I get realbook songs into my phone?
  118. iOS iRealb export to imac Garageband
  119. Suggestions (iPad)
  120. How to merge playlists
  121. Features roadmap
  122. Songs masterindex
  123. Chords overlapping
  124. New Threads
  125. cant figure out how to send song files >>> via email they
  126. Making a Style the default for a playlist
  127. How to Set up Email account
  128. Playing irb through Airport Express
  129. How do I do a few repeats of the form before going to a DS al Coda?
  130. Practice with a piano app?
  131. Release notes sticky?
  132. Guitar Jack 2 on iPad to play along with iRealb?
  133. Problem syncing modified iPad and iMac songs
  134. Exercises
  135. lost playlists
  136. Style packs
  137. graduation-academic hat icon.
  138. Help needed - cold endings
  139. New Style Packs in Store?
  140. Multitasking....
  141. Player Position Indicator?
  142. Suggestion--on screen keyboard
  143. Ipad goes to sleep in middle of song
  144. Transposition
  145. Adding extra beats
  146. PLease Help---Update to Ipad 2 completely wiped irealb app
  147. step playback
  148. MusicXML Export is not readable in Sibelius 7
  149. Searching for Blues styles
  150. New to Irealb. Need help!
  151. Copy and Paste does not work as shown on Video
  152. Hi just bought a song pack and can't see it...
  153. Cb Minor Vs. B Minor? Transposition Confusion
  154. Chord Scales Facility - (newbie)
  155. Editing Chord Changes
  156. wireless gig setup with apple TV
  157. Can't post to sandbox???
  158. iPad 2 update
  159. Android user just got ipad. Do I have to buy iRealB again?
  160. iPod Touch Update 4.3 (2900)
  161. No song list on my iPad
  162. How do you upgrade to chord scales on Imac
  163. Chord variations not working on new version?
  164. Teachers or Educators out there??? Guitarists/ Pianists?
  165. Chord Scales Feature... Some Thoughts
  166. Piano chords not showing up on click and hold
  167. PDF open in app no longer sees Brother iPrint
  168. iReal b currently being modified - please try again
  169. How do I create a "final" ending?
  170. AirPlay and audio conversion issues
  171. Feature Request foe Scales Pack
  172. Feature Request / Idea...
  173. No Export to MIDI?
  174. Where is bass clef?
  175. How do you stop automatic modulation?
  176. No export list on iPad Ios6
  177. IPhone 5 screen
  178. Weird enharmonic transpositions - what to do about them
  179. drum volume
  180. Feature Request: Improvisation Practice and Braining For Beginners
  181. lock tempo when changing style
  182. Jazz styles pack won't download
  183. reopen Last Song & State when "restarting" App, iPhone iPad Only: Bug or Feature?
  184. 2nd ending on DC
  185. 920 Special
  186. 1) Upload chart from iPad ? 2) Transfer iPad-MacBook ?
  187. Play from iPhone to a monitor?
  188. 6/8 Time Signature
  189. irealb protocol (song format)
  190. Saving/finding sound files to iPad?
  191. How do I enter a specific chord
  192. Can't input email for export
  193. Style on chart vs. Player styles
  194. Same Version in Päd. And pod
  195. Can you play ireal b songs via bluetooth?
  196. since the new update I can not get into settings
  197. handyPrint (AirPrint Activator) provides iPad "AirPrint" on Mac OS X
  198. How to synchopate chords?
  199. lost style packs
  200. Overall Volume / Master Volume
  201. Features suggestions
  202. Cannot access tracks.
  203. How do I create an introduction to a song
  204. Styles
  205. Sort button for the Playlist list?
  206. Piano Chords for Right Hand as Well?
  207. Gift this App
  208. Lyrics
  209. Backup
  210. How to get and install iReal b 4.4 for first generation iPod Touch?
  211. Using iReal b in private music lesson setting?
  212. Wonderful app but 2 key functionalities are missing (may be, I didn't find them???)
  213. feature request -- basslines
  214. Transferring songs
  215. Lead sheet melody line
  216. Do I have to buy iReal for iPhone if I already bought it for iMac?
  217. Creating a final tag (ending)?
  218. Tempo changes within a song?
  219. New Feature request ... Song start stop
  220. S and N symbols in editing
  221. What Tablet to get
  222. help on AABBCCAC structure...Ah! Cavaquinho! as example
  223. Rhythm Packs for iReal b
  224. Empty ending bracket
  225. Please clarify the rules for third endings
  226. Import MP3 song from my iTunes library
  227. jazz ballad/double time style request
  228. Help with export to wav on ipad
  229. Why the drumset turns down the volume at playing?
  230. Global transpose... strange results
  231. Transferring playlists between iPads
  232. Create charts using numbers?
  233. How do I start a song in the middle of the song?
  234. Basslines in Player
  235. Odd player behavior, IOS version
  236. Multi Style Support Idea...
  237. Major7b5
  238. Send playlist to others ipad
  239. Editor diminished symbol
  240. Feature request / idea: drumsticks intro
  241. Some thoughts after a live gig...
  242. Learning notation
  243. IRealb ignoring repeat in the B part
  244. iPhone to iPad
  245. Can't import song from the forums
  246. How many bars(measures) are permitted to use at the maximum ?
  247. Display song on startup
  248. Single measure intro
  249. Brilliant app
  250. styles change during playback