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Thread: The Lies of Handsome Men - Francesca Blumenthal

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    Default The Lies of Handsome Men - Francesca Blumenthal


    Does anyone have a chart for The Lies of Handsome Men? Written by Francesca Blumenthal, it was first recorded by Margaret Whiting in 1990.

    Here is a link to my favorite version by Dame Cleo Laine:

    Thanks !
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    Your YouTube link doesn’t work
    Try this
    Margaret Whiting

    You could use this as a resource to easily write out an iRp chart

    If you do, please share it here.


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    Odd...the YouTube link works from my computer.

    Unfortunately my piano technique is minimal, so I cannot write my own charts.

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    I kept getting “video unavailable”.

    I cannot write my own charts.
    Sure you can. Give it a try. NO piano technique or musician knowledge required.

    Look at the YouTube, press pause.
    The chords are written in plain text. Just copy them one at a time onto a new chart in iReal pro. Easy Peasy.

    Making a new chart

    3 minutes

    Share your work-in-progress here. If you need help, you'll get it.


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    I am shocked that I was able to do this! I think this captures the chords shown in the reference video you supplied.

    It plays well by the player - but I am a bit concerned about the spacing in the coda. Iím not sure musicians will be able to read it.

    Lies Of Handsome Men, The 1 - Francesca Blumenthal

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    Great Job!
    I fixed the overlapping in the coda.
    Hereís how
    S and N (Small/Normal chord-font size)

    Lies Of Handsome Men, The 1 - Francesca Blumenthal


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    Thanks for the fix -- and for your encouragement!


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