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Thread: Healing Hands of Time - Willie Nelson

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    Default Healing Hands of Time - Willie Nelson

    This track includes a 2 measure guitar introduction that was on the original studio recording circa 1961

    Healing Hands Of Time - Willie Nelson

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    Your charts will be happier if you use one of the built-in templates.

    Getting up to speed writing iRp charts that work in the player, AND are easy to read, AND look nice, AND squeeze onto a single page can be a challenge.

    Here's how I begin a new chart:
    Pencil icon>new song>48 measures
    Then, on the info screen, add title and composer info, style and default key for the song - Done (you can edit anything later)
    Next, time-sig and rehearsal mark (In, V, or A). Then enter chords, change bar-lines as necessary (repeat brackets, double-bar to end section) ending Voltas etc.
    Use the small font only where necessary if chords overlap.
    S and N (Small/Normal chord-font size)

    When the chart is done, highlight and cut any unused bars at the bottom of the chart.


    Try to play your chart in the player, adjust player settings and edit your chart if necessary.

    View charts from the main playlists. Try to make your chart look like them.

    If you need help, post your chart-in-progress, describe the issue and ask for help.

    Good luck

    Thanks for sharing your chart


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