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Thread: O Holy Night from Holiday 100 Playlist; has anyone figured it out?

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    Default O Holy Night from Holiday 100 Playlist; has anyone figured it out?

    Hello there fellow tune-smiths. I just downloaded a Holiday 100 playlist and it contains an afro-jazz version of O Holy Night in 12/8 time. I love the rhythm, the chords and the whole feel of the music. The only problem: I cannot for the life of me figure out how the melody of O Holy Night fits in.

    Has anyone worked on this? Can you point me to any recordings or give me any tips?

    O Holy Night - Adolphe Adam



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    Same chart, still 6/4 just medium swing @110

    O Holy Night 2 - Adolphe Adam

    Compare it with this video

    As it is posted in the Holiday 100, it's challenging for me too.
    I try to count it in 4 @ ~74 (no change in player setting) and it seems to gel.

    Let us know if this helps

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    Ok. Think I've got it figured out. The problem is that the backing track is missing a couple measures near the end. (At least that's the case if you're following the traditional music.) Things go bad at the 23rd bar following rehearsal letter B. In the alto sax transposition (Eb), the E7 is followed just 2 bars later with the Dmaj7 (which is the high note of the piece (the one the singers have to strain for)). The problem is that the track leaves out the 2 bars just ahead of that Dmaj7. Kind of ruins the climax of the tune. Still, a fun exercise.
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    I understand. It's kinda like a walk-on gig with "the band's own" arrangement.
    It's a challenging exercise.

    Why does 4/4 @ 74 work with 12/8 @110?
    4/4 = 8/8, 12 divided by 8 = 1.5, 110 divided by 1.5 = 73.3
    When I tapped the tempo that I felt worked into the iRp metronome, it seemed to register ~74.
    The math is after the fact just trying to figure out the "why".

    Thanks for the discussion


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