There is a small but continuing interest in using e-ink tablets with iReal Pro (or for PDF apps)—the main advantages of e-ink tablets being able to see the screen outside in open sunshine, reduced eye fatigue and less glare from the screen reflected back to your face (theatre pit work, stage, performance). Some have front lighting, many rely on ambient light only. There is (still) a lag in e-ink display response compared to conventional tablets.

We now have a few users using Boox tablets (there are other tablet manufacturers, as below).
Earlier Boox models (running Android OS6) had some (font and other) problems affecting various Android apps (which perhaps might be resolved with future firmware updates should they release them) including iReal Pro, but newer models (OS9) are much better.

We have completed some very quick tests on the Boox Max3.
Touch is pressure-based, so you need to press firmly so that it detects the touch. If you’re typing something like a search for a song or renaming a song in edit mode, there is a wait after typing each character to see it appear on screen. Page turning is slow due to the e-ink display and when using the player, the position indicator lags (best to turn it off).

One recent user with the Boox Nova2 is very happy with the performance, loves the e-ink display and finds the screen lag an acceptable tradeoff. He had to adjust the tablet's brightness settings (contrast) so the position indicator mapped to a lighter gray because it initially showed as black on top of the measure (bar) when selecting measure(s) for looping or playing.
(Uncheck System Contrast then choose a position indicator setting that works.)

Currently there are a number of other e-ink devices available. The ones running a reasonably recent version of Android OS and have access to the Google Play store should be able to run iReal Pro (see the refund information below). The Android version of iReal Pro can only be purchased and verified from the Play store.
Other tablets with their own OS (or forked variants) may be useful if all you need is chord/notation chart PDFs. iReal Pro will not run on these but you can share any charts from iReal Pro as PDFs and import.



ReMarkable tablet
OS - Codex (custom OS)
Useful for PDF reading - iReal Pro will not work (export PDFs from iReal Pro)

There are older threads here at the forum related to e-ink devices.

Google allow refunds:
(at time of writing) allowing 48 hours to evaluate an app's performance and function

[Information as at Aug 2020]

Should you be using (or trialing) an e-ink tablet, please feel free to add the model and your experience to this thread.