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Thread: Peter Gunn - Henry Mancini

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    Default TV Theme from Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini

    Peter Gunn (F) - Henry Mancini
    There's two kinds of mistakes you can play: The ones you notice, and the ones somebody else might notice.

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    Intentionally using "unrecognized" chords to "force" the player to default to bass-only suggests another interesting and musical tool to use with the player in addition to |chord NC | And | chord /x /x /x | or | NC | /x /x /x /x |
    (stop-time and faux baseline)

    This may provide a new way to add some "PeterGunn-like" phrasing in charts.

    When the Error message displays, just hit OK.

    Gunn-like - Example

    (Thank you shin1ro)

    Keep in mind that using tricks that aren’t hard-coded as player features may not always give expected results.

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