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    iReal Pro is all about chord chart sharing. Charts posted in the Forums including the sandbox (for whatever purpose) can be downloaded (and shared) by anyone. Charts without composer credit or having incorrect information can take on a life of their own and be shared on and on and on and on and on and on...

    Many different songs have the same (or similar) titles. The composer name(s) can be helpful in identifying the song.

    Correct composer names are important for proper function of our search engine.

    Without the composers, songs wouldn't exist for us to share and perform. The same song can be covered by various artists.

    All of us here have Internet and (if only out of respect) when writing a chart, we should make an effort to include correct composer info. "unknown composer" isn't helpful to anyone.

    Good sources of composer info:
    "by" just means performed by..
    Look for "composed by..."

    Even Youtube sometimes lists writer/composer info if you click on the video's title.

    The song may already be posted on the forums may have correct composer info so a forums search is always a good place to start and should be always done anyway before starting a new thread.*

    If a song is "traditional" (so old that no attribution can be found) then use that.

    When sharing original songs of your own composition include your name as composer. Also, if you can include a link to either an audio file or YouTube, your original chord chart will have some context. If available, a link to a lead-sheet is ok too.

    You can identify different song versions by adding a brief descriptive label to the chart's song title. That helps members identify different versions in their libraries.
    Misty (Johnny Mathis) - Erroll Garner
    _ title __ (version) __ - _ composer(s) ______


    *Please review the guidelines for posting charts:

    Let's make the forums a useful and accurate resource for the future. We're all in this together
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