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Thread: ireal pro text editor

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    Lightbulb ireal pro text editor

    I wish there was a text editor, in some html-like way - where i could write really fast something like

    [title=blabla][composer=blablabla][4/4][intro]<Cmaj7><%><Dm7><%> etc.

    on my desktop computer or any text editor, and then import that into iReal Pro. Touch editing on android is just drudgery.

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    No? Nothing? I'm dissapointed. Another year passed, and the most needed function in my opinion is not developed. Ireal is great for playing live with various bands, but first I need to put my songs into. Do you guys really enter data by touching screen? Multiple tap to enter just one chord, multiple tap to change bar type, form element ABCD, and so on. It's frighteningly laborious! Every month I need to enter many songs, and current way of putting this into ireal format just drives me crazy, it's so waste of time. Isn't the any other way? Some kind of converter, which could translate some simple html-like code to irealb:// link? Or could someone tell me what is the syntax of irealb://? I'm not programmer, but I'm so desperate, that it would take me less time learning programming some converter than touch writing dozens of songs in iReal...
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    This is as far as I got... Might be more dangerous than handy

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Using the keyboard to enter chords can be quite fast actually. I seldom use the chord selector (only for special chords with a specific syntax). I memorized the syntax of most common chords and I type them directly. It takes me less than a few minutes to edit a standard song (using Android)

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    I have developed simple editor just for creating old format chord table.
    It is very basic. In this moment it can only generates 4/4 without possibility to change title, composer, key or style. You can only edit a "body".
    Rules are very simple. Any text is treated as cell data. Dots are translated to spaces. Text separated by comma will be placed in to cells one after other.
    So, sample bar can look like:

    If any one is interested in more feature I will try to add new features.
    For now you can use it at

    On iOS it's more comfortable but I understand that it's easier to use keyboard.
    Windows users are in trouble.
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    You can use this

    very simple editor. It generates link in old irealbook format.
    for no you are not able to change title composer timing or key, just chords.
    dots will be replaced to spaces. any text separated by comma will be one next to other. pipes stands for bar.

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    You can buy Band-In-A-Box for $300 - $500. It has those properties that you want. iRealPro is a great bargain for the price. I can put up with the touch-tapping because of that.


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