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Thread: How do I get a song to play in 3/4 time or waltz style

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    Question How do I get a song to play in 3/4 time or waltz style

    I am creating new charts on my Android Tablet which are very old - - like After the Ball, Could I Have this Dance, and also 2/4 songs some country, some ragtime, some marches and I don't have the correct style to play with those. I am partially sighted and don't know how to download these old beats.

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    Any song will play in 3/4.
    Simply change the time-sig to 3/4 (or whatever you want) USING THE IN-APP EDITOR.
    It's the pencil icon.
    If you edit a DUPLICATE, the original version will remain unchanged in your library.
    Your edited version will automatically have a number added to the title.
    You can instead of the number, edit the title to say <title>waltz.
    A song with standard sized bars (4 spaces each) can usually also play as a waltz without problems.

    As to additional player will only have the on-board styles that are available for your app's version.
    You may have to download the newest app version to have access to all the (additional?) player-styles.
    Older devices may not be compatible with the newest app version.
    It's also possible that the style(s) you want aren't available (yet).
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    Thank you so much Bob for your quick response. I used "I'm All Smiles" and entered
    my waltz. Playing in nursing homes needs many of the old type beats. So the
    DUPLICATE is very helpful. I'm getting a lot of experience using the editor and it
    is very helpful to work with other musicians who don't know the old songs. I did put 3/4 on the
    original waltz I put in, but it sounded pretty kooky - - I'll try it again on another waltz and
    see what happens.

    Yes, I did wondered about the 4 spaces and the 3/4 time signature. It is much
    easier to follow the song when the lines are divided up by 4 - - especially
    a 32-bar song. Thanks again Bob!
    Marsha Summers, Daytona Beach, Fl.

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    Hi Marsha
    When there just two chords in a (4 space) measure using a 3/4 time-sig, you may find the player behaves differently when the chords are placed in different spaces. Experiment.

    Be sure to look at this thread
    Many tunes will be familiar and easy to experiment with in 3/4.


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