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Thread: How can I end playback on the third beat of the last bar?

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    Default How can I end playback on the third beat of the last bar?


    I'm running version 6.0.4 on Android.

    I have a song that ends on the third beat of the last bar.
    I was able to mute the fourth beat (using N.C.), but then it plays the end chord on beat 1 of the next bar that shouldn't be there.
    I placed a double end bar line, but I don't know if that does anything.
    Placing END at the end of the bar ignores beat 2 and 3...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Experiment with changing the time signature of the final measure.
    Your result will vary depending on (how many) chord changes in the last bar and the player-style selected.

    End On Beat 3 - Example

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    Ooh, didn't think of that...

    That might work.

    The last bar goes like:
    C G C -
    with the last C being the end of the song.
    I could make this into a 2/4 measure of "C G", and it should end back on the C with a fermata, right?

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    Quick follow-up, it worked like a charm, thanks :-)

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    I know you've already figured out the trick, but here's another example with "reminder" notations on the chart:

    Forced Ending on 3rd Beat - Example

    I've suggested before how convenient (and less visually confusing) it would be if iRB could be programmed to end on the beat where the "END" command is actually placed. Maybe someday...
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    That's a nice way to do this, too - I might use that some day if I need it - thanks :-)


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