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    I have just purchased this great program and still learning! I have read several posts on typing in lyrics (although I know lyrics can't be posted on the forum). I create lyrics by inserting a blank line below the chords and type in the lyrics. Which seems to work pretty well. Each line is indented because of the chord positions and I use the up arrow to move the lyrics under the chords.

    I have noticed a couple things that would be useful when I display the song with lyrics if they could be implemented.

    - When I display guitar chords the text font is smaller and so most of the lyrics are visible on the screen (a good thing).
    - From the iPad landscape position, when I first bring up a song from my playlist it displays in small font without guitar chords until I select it to play - then the chords display.

    Would it be possible to 1) display the song in the small font without the chords so the lyrics are easier to view and 2) lighten or not display the measure bars to allow lyric to be placed in the same line as the chords?

    Anyway, a suggestion to improve the possibility of using lyrics.


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    Here's what another member does:

    I think you'll have better success using a tool that's made for the job.
    There are PDF-reader apps. As well as ONsong, Setlist-maker, Band-helper...
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    iOS (9) w/ v.7 iRp app now has split-screen multi-tasking

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    In reading the support files it seems that the text arrows up and down (on iOS) should help space Lyrics. I donít find they work.. Perhaps many versions of iOS and iReal later this facility has been lost. It would certainly be helpful to have it reinstated if possible. I find I want to indicate where lyrics should begin (often at the end of the bar).


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    Using text for "reminder" lyrics.

    Using Text - Example

    You can not enter text in the space provided by the blue down-arrows so none were used in the example.

    Note: previous info in this thread is from 2014-16 and may not be current.


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