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  1. Android App
  2. iReal b 1.0 for Android
  3. Print
  4. Cpu Overload
  5. LG Optimus One
  6. Place saver
  7. how to enter slash chords?
  8. Droid X - works fine
  9. Arm v6 processor
  10. read only version
  11. Transposition doesn't always work
  12. Player Style Packs
  13. No songs/charts have showed up in my app
  14. Looping
  15. Android tablet processor compatibility with ireal book application
  16. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet - compatible with iReal B?
  17. Motorola Bravo?
  18. iReal Pro and compatible Android devices
  19. Email chart as JPEG?
  20. Multiple select
  21. Should I wait to get the irealb?
  22. Playback Help
  23. Multitasking does not work on Acer Iconia
  24. Problem with samsung galaxy I and Ireal b
  25. Thank you! (for the android app)
  26. 3/4 jazz style
  27. Chord entry on Android ...
  28. count-in
  29. License issue?
  30. Sony PRS T1 - Android based eBook Reader!
  31. amplify tracks?
  32. Version for LG701
  33. Kindle Fire
  34. Search
  35. How do you perform a backup of your chord charts?
  36. Problem with Motorola Razr XT910
  37. License error on Android
  38. Problem transferring from iphone to android phone
  39. Cat Nova China pad anf 180° rotation
  40. MobileSheets - music PDF viewer (Android)
  41. IRb on Android based 10" tablets - any experiences??
  42. delete one melody/file in iReal b for android
  43. Nook
  44. Compatibility
  45. Screen rotation?
  46. Android 4.0 Compatibility
  47. pad/tablet recommendation
  48. Would ireal b work on this tablet?
  49. how do I print?
  50. Selecting particular bars from songs to loop them
  51. app crashes when choosing cuban-son Montuno 2-3 or 3-2
  52. Android updates
  53. Nook Color or Tablet
  54. Thankyou developers!
  55. How to sort by artists? And Styles?
  56. Clicking Noise
  57. Search Funktion
  58. iOS to android migration
  59. Problem updating.
  60. Minor chords
  61. No search results with space characters
  62. problem importing playlist
  63. Saving the same song in different keys in different playlists?
  64. bluestacks and irealb
  65. Cannot download on HTC EVO 4G PC36100
  66. Loop on a part of song
  67. Thanks for the new styles!
  68. ireal b incompatibility with Samsung GT - S5830 (galaxy ace)
  69. Instruments on Player
  70. Problem importing playlist on htc one x
  71. Display Piano Chord diagrams during playback for Android?
  72. signs for dim and aug
  73. The new Bluegrass style
  74. Can't import playlists from forum on HTC MyTouch
  75. Real book songs
  76. Audio Export for Android Planned?
  77. Question about Coda
  78. Conversion / Import from text files
  79. Android 4 cannot use Android clipboard for posting songs
  80. Chrome import problem
  81. Add on "scales and chords"
  82. No link or attachment showing in mailclient on ASUS tablet
  83. searching by letters
  84. Bluestacks
  85. Transmit MIDI?
  86. viewpad 7 problem
  87. iReal b für Android - Austausch in Deutsch
  88. Titanium Backup?
  89. Playback jumps to the wrong place
  90. orientation locked to landscape in 1.5.3 on Samsung Galaxy tab
  91. blues pack?
  92. Use iPad edited playlists on Android device
  93. charts for bass players
  94. still struggling with D.S etc
  95. Can't I just use my PC?
  96. MusicXML Export Problem
  97. Edit in Nashville Notation
  98. little bug + new feature (alternate chords play)
  99. Future Style Packs
  100. Playing thru bluetooth speaker/headphones
  101. Importing the same songs more than once
  102. melodies?
  103. My playlist is suddenly empty?!!!!!
  104. Where is the data stored on a Droid?
  105. remote control to step onto next song for android?
  106. Restore Exercise Charts ?
  107. Just bought this great app (iReal b)...
  108. Empty JPG image attachment to Kindle Fire email
  109. AirPlay on Android?
  110. Problems with bluestacks
  111. How can I download songs?
  112. how to delete several hundred charts but leave others
  113. Any plans for a Dixie/Trad jazz player style?
  114. Can't download playlist for my kindle fire
  115. Permission "read phone status and identity"?
  116. Highlighter is off by one bar on the playback music
  117. transfer app from phone to tablet?
  118. key in playlist not preserved via email mac(irb v2.5.1) --> Android (irb v1.6)
  119. Works with Disgo 9000 Tablet
  120. Can I use the Mac app on android?
  121. Alternate method for transferring songs/playlists with phone upgrade
  122. How do I download songs to my Ipod?
  123. Cannot download
  124. Short Demo/Tutorial on using iReal Pro with BlueStacks (PC Android Emulator) & REAPER
  125. Sending Play List to Samsung Galaxy S11
  126. Ireal b in Spanish language?
  127. transfer android app to additional android device?
  128. Chord placement for timing... ???
  129. transpose button
  130. Android - Guitar Chords additional feature - AWOL
  131. Copy and Paste in Song Editor
  132. Ad hoc networking of multiple devices
  133. iOS vs Android version
  134. how to write cycle exercise?
  135. swapping with other app
  136. Please recommend an older, large screen Android phone for Verizon
  137. uploading chord files
  138. ireal B on samsung galaxy tab 8.9
  139. dissapearing counter in upper left of chart
  140. Upload charts from pics?
  141. irealbook automatically changes key
  142. Playlists disappeared!
  143. Styles for folk music
  144. song list indexing issue
  145. Song Composition Return Button?
  146. synching two or more tablets?
  147. Sound issues after JellyBean 4.1.2 update
  148. Transpose menu no longer available on Samsung Galaxy SIII
  149. import large playlist with html
  150. Running iReal b on a Nook color under Android
  151. Gm7#5 chord ?
  152. dal segno (D.S. al 3rd) doesn't work
  153. alternate chords
  154. AndroidUpdate--Conliflicting with BackingTracks
  155. How can I use many chords in the same compass/measure?
  156. ireal-b-web-editor-discontinued
  157. Pop Styles Pack
  158. samsung galaxy tab 10 does not work help
  159. Annoying bugs and features
  160. App restore?
  161. Transfer iRb from one Android device to another
  162. Data File Format
  163. My Android phone was reset - Lost App
  164. Thinking of purchasing this app and have a couple questions
  165. chords and scales for android
  166. Can not download 1300 jazz songs...
  167. deep backup
  168. How to get Latest Version of iReal pro?
  169. Real Newbie: iOS and Android file sharing?
  170. online instruction manual not opening
  171. How to install the style packs on android?
  172. Android and IOS Playalong Styles
  173. Trouble getting Playlist downloaded from GMAIL
  174. Posts from tablet to forum: where do charts go? Advanced search does not find any!
  175. newbie with sound problem
  176. Test purchase??
  177. Chord symbols
  178. problema trasposizione tonalità
  179. title obscures chords on emailed jpeg
  180. Import external playlist (not in iRealb format)?
  181. Multiple Tablets
  182. Exporting playlists
  183. Android Editor
  184. how to make modal sounding bass??
  185. no longer plays
  186. Forma ABACA (24+16+32)
  187. where did forum search go.
  188. Amazon Appstore Issue
  189. How to delete songs from playlist?
  190. How to put duplicate songs in a playlist?
  191. Help for App choice
  192. Download 50 Exercises?
  193. Esportazione in audio come mp3/waw ecc exporting audio
  194. still getting odd problems with ds coda
  195. Why does my Android iReal b sound like cheesy MIDI compared to the iPad version?
  196. Editor hanging on TF-101
  197. jazz standards download instructions?
  198. loud audio thump
  199. Why aren't there scales or keyboard?
  200. Print Share crop
  201. Quick Question about BlueStacks
  202. Trouble posting songs from Kindle
  203. Transferring Ireal files between Devices?
  204. Mac editor to Android
  205. custom bass line
  206. Deleting from a Playlist
  207. playlist problem
  208. A question about the scales add-on: Bass clef?
  209. "Chords and Scales" issue
  210. Chord Scale addon: Tapping chord scale to select alternate scale does not work
  211. all songs have the ¨jazz-medium upswing¨-style
  212. Update for recording while playing iReal
  213. Searching for songs within a long thread
  214. BlueStacks
  215. melody track ?
  216. Transposing instruments
  217. What Chord for Phrygian mode?
  218. how to import a Backup I´ve made
  219. Editor save issue
  220. minor 7th sharpened 5
  221. songs in playlist
  222. pausing or looping a measure
  223. Mixer Settings
  224. sauvegrde [backup]
  225. "File not readable" error
  226. Global transposition in B please
  227. Guitar sound
  228. Cannot view song charts
  229. just got Bluestack app for PC need to sync w phone app. phone
  230. Editor Text Input Query
  231. number of measures in a song
  232. How to delete text above the chord?
  233. DS al coda
  234. How do I limit the bars per line in the editor?
  235. backup/restore without Internet (Android)
  236. default transposition flat (Enharmony)
  237. How to turn a song that you want to learn to play into an iReal Chart
  238. picture in inversion chord
  239. I need some help with the new Android editor
  240. Adding an intro
  241. Backup not working?
  242. Pedal tones in the Player
  243. diagram during playback?
  244. song words
  245. Which style for a song like "Looking up" from Dave Holland ?
  246. Which android phone to buy ?
  247. Feature Request: Additional Data like URL of a song
  248. recommend an app for chord/lyric sheets with playlist option
  249. deleting
  250. Problem Opening Playlist From Email