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Thread: Jazz Practice Exercises

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    what are "dropbacks"?
    I think you will need to read "New Harmony With Lego Bricks" which breaks typical jazz chord structures down into recognisable elements or "Bricks" these bricks each have a name to aid memory. I have got this book but have not read it for some time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgong1212 View Post
    - circle of fourths dominant
    - circle of fourths major
    - circle of fourths minor
    excuse me for being precise, but it's "circle of FIFTHS", not fourths... Q.v. my preceding post.
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    Default Exercise:Famous Chords I-V-vi-Iv in PopTunes

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    Cool Latin Changes: Lots of Sharps

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    Default Difficult Latin Progressions (4 measures, with lots of Sharps)

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    Default Exercise: Moving Up a Scale By Playing the Chords Of Each Note/Harmonic Bricks

    Playlist (2 Songs)

    - Up The Scale: Chord Steps Pg1
    - Up The Scale: Chord Steps Pg2
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    Cool Practice Set : Bridge to Four Brothers

    Four Bros. Prac. Ex (3 Songs)

    - Exercise A: Four Brothers, Bridge
    - Exercise B: Four Brothers, Bridge
    - Exercise C: Four Brothers, Bridge 1
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    Default Exercise: For Lester Leaps In - -the bridge section

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    Default Pattern for jazz practice

    I made a playlist that is useful for anyone who uses the book pattern for jazz.

    patterns for jazz (3 Songs)

    - Patterns For Jazz 4Ths
    - Pattern For Jazz By Step
    - Pattern For Jazz By 3Rds

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