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Thread: Jazz Practice Exercises

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    Default some possible chords from 7b9 scale degrees

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    Scales. I suggest cycling each one until it's very comfortable then try cycling two, then three etc.
    The triads give you more freedom to flat the 7th and experiment with different scales.
    Major Chords Chromatic 4 bars each

    Major 7 Chords Chromatic 4 bars each
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    Hello d flat, when I click on "practice charts" I do not see an icon in the forum to download I have to load all of the separate lists in the comments sections or is your "practice charts" accessible in one place? Thank you, mark

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mwpractice View Post
    .. or is your "practice charts" accessible in one place?
    Hello Mark, currently they are throughout this thread where they have been uploaded by different members. Just download the ones you want to work on - some are simple, others more complicated.
    Have fun with them

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    Default Close Enough For Love - some alternate changes

    Here are some progressions for those pianists who play like they've had too many Red Bulls (you know who you are...)

    Close Enough For Love (1st 12 Bars) with apologies to Johnny Mandel
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    Default 3bar phrases "Black Lines In The Horizon"

    Something to practice in 3 bars with Aug triads, minor 9 flat 13 chords. Black Lines In The Horizon

    Corrected the tempo- Black Lines In The Horizon
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    Default Double Bass>Left Hand > Strength/Stretch/Position exercises

    I'm a woodwind teacher that started playing upright bass a year and a half ago.
    These exercises have been very helpful to me.
    I think it's clear what to do.
    Most exercises are in one position so you can concentrate on getting good hand form and good pitch(stretch)
    I've added notes on which strings to use.
    This could also be helpful for fretless players .
    *5.Bass Chord Finder Finger Exercise does have a lot of shifts so start it slow at first.
    Transposing up the neck makes it easier as does starting on the A string vs the E string.
    Bass Exercises-Hand Strength Stretch (5)

    1. No Shift Whole Steps 1 - Bob Sax
    2. No Shift Whole Steps 2 - Bob Sax
    3. Half Steps no shift - bob sax
    4. Bass whole step X 1 - Bob Sax
    5. Bass Chord Finder Finger Exercise - Bob Sax
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    Doug's Subs Doug 2-5subs

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    Minor Major - I used this alot with guitar students.. a beautiful Am9 with only 2 fingers sliding up 1 fret for a beautiful Amaj9.. but for my alto students I put it in Dm and D maj. so that on alto its Bm and B maj. to give a good way to learn B maj. on a sax - a key rarely seen ( except in some old bebop tunes maybe).. enjoy :-)

    Minor major - joe nickerson

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