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Thread: Jazz Practice Exercises

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    Writing out a progression in all keys is a good exercise in itself.
    Be sure to check out the practice setting (gradation hat icon).
    It will automatically shift/transpose your chart (or looped section) up or down the interval you choose each cycle.
    You can write just one short sequence and automatically step up or down through all 12 keys.
    Remember to turn practice mode OFF when done using it.

    Thanks for sharing your chart.


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    I absolutely do understand the Practice features underneath the Graduation Cap. Sometimes itís important to see how these changes transition you to all the keys, which is why I did The Fifth Minor that way.

    Below is a better solution to practicing the Lady Bird turnaround changes that were previously posted. This track is designed to transpose up 5 semitones on each repeat and gives you a more logical-sounding way to work on this important turnaround.

    Thanks for your help in teaching me how to post these correctly.

    Lady Bird Turnaround - Exercise

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    Default Jazz Practice Exercises

    Pedagogical/Etudes/Training Songs

    I'm a guitar teacher. I figured I would post for what it is worth, others may find these songs to be useful. Every song has a teaching purpose. You can try and reverse engineer what that purpose of the song is, or just ask me and I can explain what I would say during a lesson.

    Upload Test? First time uploading.

    Pedagogical (28)

    Individual songs:
    Modal - Dorian - Exercise
    Diatonic - Brian Streckfus
    Satie Gnossiene - Erik Satie
    II-V-I in 12 Major Keys (Old) - Exercise
    II-V-I in 12 Minor Keys (Old) - Exercise
    I-II-V-I in 12 Minor Keys 2 Every Key - Exercise
    I-II-V-I in 12 Major Keys 2 Every Key 1 - Exercise
    A minor ~ C Major ~ All Roman Numerals - Brian Streckfus
    A Harmonic Minor ~ All Roman Numerals - Brian Streckfus
    A Harmonic Minor ~ Less Dominant - Brian Streckfus
    Dorian 2 - Brian Streckfus
    Key Change Major 2nd Em Dm - Brian Streckfus
    Key Change Major 3rd Em Cm - Brian Streckfus
    Should be a song! - Brian Streckfus
    Chord Practice 1 - Brian Streckfus
    Famous Up 4 Down 5 Sequence - Brian Streckfus
    Famous Up 4 Down 5 Sequence Jazz - Brian Streckfus
    Famous Up 4 Down 5 Sequence Jazz 1 - Brian Streckfus
    D Dorian Chord Progression Generator - Unknown Composer
    Open String Trick with Em - Unknown Composer
    Minor 7th - Unknown Composer
    Dominant 7th - Unknown Composer
    Major 7th - Unknown Composer
    Major Classical Cliche Key Change - Brian Streckfus
    Minor Classical Cliche Key Change - Brian Streckfus
    Diminished Secondary Dominance - Brian Streckfus
    7th Secondary Dominance - Brian Streckfus
    Modal Borrowing (MODULATES) ForebodingPrelude - Brian Streckfus
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    Jazz Blues Fourths (drum exercise) - Itubal

    For drummers.(Mute the drumset)

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    Default Modal Exercises - Theo de Jong

    These loops are meant to improvise on in order to learn the specific scales

    Modal exercises (9)

    Individual songs:
    Modal - Ionian - Exercise
    Modal - Dorian - Exercise
    Modal - Phrygian - Exercise
    Modal - Lydian - Exercise
    Modal - Mixolydian - Exercise
    Modal - Aeolian - Exercise
    Modal - Locrian natural 2 - Exercise
    Modal - Melodic Minor - Exercise
    Modal - Altered - Exercise
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