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Thread: Ann Patterson's Jazz Improv Class list

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    Post Ann Patterson's Jazz Improv Class list

    Ann Patterson's Jazz Improv Class (27)

    Individual songs:
    DOMINANT SCALES and PATTERNS - Dominant seventh-Mixolydian Mode
    Minor SCALES and PATTERNS - Minor Scales- Dorian mode
    Melodic Minor SCALES and PATTERNS - Practice Charts
    Metronome (For Practice) - YOUR OWN DRUMMER
    II-V7-I progression, The - Jazz Vocabulary
    II-V7-I (short version) - Jazz Vocabulary
    Minor ii V7b9 i - Practice Charts
    Blues by Five - Red Garland
    Blues in the Closet - Oscar Pettiford
    Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk
    Impressions - John Coltrane
    JoJo Calypso - Jim Nadel
    Sonnymoon For Two - Sonny Rollins
    St. Thomas (NRB) - Sonny Rollins
    Maiden Voyage (AEB. 54) - Herbie Hancock
    Watermelon Man (AEB. 54) - Herbie Hancock
    Tenor Madness - Sonny Rollins
    Autumn Leaves (AEB 54) - Joseph Kosma
    Blue Bossa (Real Book) - Kenny Dorham
    Satin Doll - Strayhorn-Ellington
    II-V-I in 12 Major Keys - Exercise
    II V I Short 12 Major Keys - Exercise
    Minor ii V7b9 i (12 keys) - Practice Charts
    Major 7 Practice (12 keys) - Major scales
    Dominant 7 Practice (12 keys) - Mixolydian Mode

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    HELLO Amigos! Click on the link above to download all materials. I hope you enjoy practicing as we had fun in class with "Ms. P"

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