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Thread: Windmills of Your Mind - Michel Legrand

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    Default Windmills of Your Mind - Michel Legrand

    Hello everyone,
    As a great lover of iReal Pro, and as a test of deciphering and scoring a REAL complicated piece of music,
    here is my Oyster gift of one of my favorite song of Sting, "Windmills of Your Mind".
    Enjoy and give a feedback.


    Windmills Of Your Mind ( deciphered by Gabz) - Michel Legrand arr. Sting
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    Just saw your past now and grabbed the chart. Amazingly close, awesome job! My favorite arrangement too. I haven't quite gone through the whole song yet, but I'll make some edits and upload a new chart when I can. The first thing I noticed was the Rhodes starts on the Bb, so I would call the first chord an F-11 (and most of the other F-9s as well cuz most of them sound like C-7/F. Same with making the F#-9s into F#-11s.) The bass is also doing F - C - G / F - C - G - Ab, and the second chord sounds like an EMaj7 (over the second G bass note) and a C7(b9b13 or b9#5) or Bbø7 (over the Ab bass note.) Whew! That's exhausting and that's just the intro! =P

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    Hi Jess,
    Thanks for your appretiation!
    And all the best for your music !
    Gabor (Geneva)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tstiller View Post
    Can Anyone willing to check? first time here and already not quite good
    Windmills Of your Mind, The - M. Legrand
    Please search before starting new threads.
    Thanks for sharing your chart.

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    Sure, just let me the time to understand how it works!
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