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    Default Musical

    "Oklahoma!" is a song from the musical play of 1943 of the same name with music by Richard Rogers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Although each knew the other for many years, "OKlahoma!" was their first collaboration.

    The song itself is a an old-fashioned rousing tune in 2/4 style, not suitable for social dances of the 1940s (or later). It is in a standard AABA form with little harmonic interest. I wrote a chord chart for the song because of a request for it at a gig. As no one else had put up a chord chart for it, I thought it useful for me to do so.

    Here is the chart for "Oklahoma!." I played it with the Gypsy Jazz style at 100 bpm (which is half its true tempo). As a pianist, I provide both the melody and the alternating chords on the and of beats 1 and 2 relying on the iRP generated bass for the bass notes on beats 1 and two. The chart would not be terribly successful for a melody instrumentalist using the guitar sound that iRP generates on each beat (sorry). Unfortunately, there is no suitable iRP style, at least as yet, for this type of tune.

    Oklahoma (in two) - Richard Rogers

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    Default It's a Perfect Relationship - Bells Are Ringing

    Here's another one I'd hoped to find a chart for and ended up doing it myself: It's A Perfect Relationship from Bells Are Ringing
    It's A Perfect Relationship - Jule Styne
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    Default Something Wonderful - Rodgers-Hammerstein (The King and I) (request)

    If it's here, I can't find it!

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    Default South Pacific songs (Request)

    South Pacific

    Anyone have all the tunes from this classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical
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    Default Musical

    Could we start again please - Andrew Lloyd Webber

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    Audition from 'La la land' by Justin Hurwitz

    Audition (La La Land) - Justin Hurwitz

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    Default Experiment - Cole Porter (Nymph Errant)

    From: Nymph Errant is a musical with music and lyrics by Cole Porter and book by Romney Brent based upon the novel by James Laver. The somewhat controversial story concerned a young English lady intent upon losing her virginity. Porter considered the score his best because of its worldliness and sexual sophistication.

    Quick and dirty
    Experiment - Cole Porter

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    Default Namely You - Gene DePaul-Johnny Mercer (Lil' Abner)

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    Default A Wonderful Guy (Refrain) - Rodgers and Hammerstein (South Pacific)

    Perhaps the best song from this musical. This is the not the intro)

    A Wonderful Guy (Refrain) - Rodgers and Hammerstein
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    Tonight (West Side Story) p1 (verse) - Bernstein-Sondheim
    Tonight (West Side Story) p2 - Bernstein-Sondheim
    Tonight (West Side Story) p3 - Bernstein-Sondheim

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