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Thread: Something for Lisa - Al Cohn (Request)

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    Default Something for Lisa - Al Cohn (Request)

    Hey, l'm hardly lookin for scores, tabs of this Al Cohn' s tune. This also was also played by Joe Cohn on guitar. Very nice! I want to play it on my guitar as well. Help me pls to find music content! "Something for Lisa" wanted! Not found in compilations
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    Nobody answers here

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    Hi Max,

    I work at the publishing company that controls this copyright. You are correct that it is currently not available for sale anywhere. I've just seen this query and since you've expressed interest, I will arrange for it to be put up for sale within the next 6 weeks (after our new website launch) on Unfortunately, I cannot put up the chords for free here, since I represent the Cohn estate and it would be unfair for me to make it available to the public without getting money for them . You can see what other Al Cohn songs are available for purchase currently here: I highly recommend Danielle -- that song has made me cry on multiple occasions!

    Something For Lisa is currently in queue already so it should be easy to finish to post online. It is a very beautiful song; I'm sure you're not the only person looking for it. If you PM me your email address, I will notify you when it goes up for sale.

    Very best,

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    Lead sheets available now here

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    Chord changes cannot be copyrighted.

    You can search for the chords to this tune on Chordify.

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