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Thread: El Beso Discreto - Miguel Matamoros

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    Default El Beso Discreto - Miguel Matamoros

    El Beso Discreto
    Composer: Miguel Matamoros

    El Beso Discreto - Miguel Matamoros

    For lyrics and videos visit: El Beso Discreto -
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    The changes sound great, Miguel! I'll be jumping on the video and lyrics, next.

    Just checking: In the 8th line (system), did you perhaps mean to put the "6x" inside the repeat braces to the left?

    Question, Miguel: Do you happen to have a source for some of the old Mariachi standards, like "Sin Tí" and "Rayito de Luna" and "La Vaquilla Colorada" and "La Malagueña Salerosa"?
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    Hi Jack,

    Thanks, I moved the 6x where it is supposed to be. I don't know much about old Mariachi standards, but I do plan on contributing some more Cuban Son in the days to come!


    P.S. Miguel Matamoros is the composer is the composer, I wish I had 1/100th of his creative spark!

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    Thanks, Jordan. (I should have been able to figure that out, had I paid more attention.) Looking forward to more Cuban Son; love the sound. And thanks for referencing where the lyrics and videos can be found.

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