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Thread: Connections - Aman Mahajan

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    Default Connections - Aman Mahajan

    Connections - Aman Mahajan

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    Thanks for posting.
    By using S and N in the editor (small/normal) chords can be made more readable in crowded measures.
    The maj7 can be written with this symbol Δ7 or just Δ when space is tight.

    This information may be helpful:



    Here is your chart edited to include the above suggestions:
    Connections - Aman Mahajan

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    Default Connections

    Connections - Aman Mahajan
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    I just saw this. Five years later... Thank you 😀

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzhack View Post
    Connections - Aman Mahajan
    (As you discovered) it's best to do a quick search before posting.
    Please pay attention to our guidelines for thread title format when starting new threads.

    Also review using S and N.
    S and N (Small/Normal font size)


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