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Thanks for your charts. Review the guidelines for song title format.

Please review the guidelines for posting charts:

Unless your titles are edited, your charts will be filed under “P” in your song library.
p1, p2 etc. should be after the title.

The English title is GIRL From Ipanema. Your chart, if not incorrectly filed under “P”, would be filed under “I”. Also incorrect.

Yes, a keyword search would find it (if you picked the right keyword)…

It's important to all iRp users that song titles and composer info is accurate.

Most users would prefer that all the different versions of a song would be filed together in their song library.

You may include version info (performer, arranger etc) as part of the title and/or on the chart using text. The composer field is, well, for composer names(s).

Girl From Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema) (Elias) p2 - Antonio Carlos Jobim

Presenting a consistent format and style is important. It improves the user experience and reduces confusion when attempting to convey information.

The iReal pro forums has (for the most part) developed and maintains a consistent look and feel despite of thousands of different contributors. To accomplish that requires everyone's cooperation.

Thank you for sharing your charts.