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Thread: number of measures in a song

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    Default number of measures in a song

    Im running Irealb on an android device. how many measures can I put in a song?
    or how can I add measures to an existing song? I tried to add measures, but I can't.

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    There are 12 systems (lines) that can be easily edited.
    Each line has 16 spaces and depending on where you place bar-lines, each space could be a measure (if it contained just one chord)
    In common use with each measure having 4 spaces = 4 per line x 12 lines = 48
    If you choose to have 8 2-space measures per line x 12 = 96
    The iReal Pro single page format is great for easily readable chord charts of standard AABA jazz tunes.
    Longer more complex arrangements may be more difficult (and still have a chart that can be easily followed by the musician)

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    ... following along from Bob's comments:
    where your 'cursor' is (touch a space on the chart in Song edit), a barline can be placed on either side of it (touch either the left or right barline button). You might also need to use the Insert button to insert space(s); this moves the measures after your cursor forwards to make room for the new space.
    If you want to close up a measure to make more room on the chart overall, you can delete empty spaces in a measure with the Delete button.
    e.g. a 4 space measure with two chords (on space 1 and 3) could be collapsed into 2 spaces using the delete button on each empty space (2 and 4).

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    Sorry for the late answer.
    Thank you very much for this useful explanations.
    Happy new year !

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    Look at the song Babylon Sisters as an example of how much can be crammed onto one page.


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