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Thread: Film Music

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    Default Grease

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    Default Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid

    It's a calypso tune from The Little Mermaid...but as there is no calypso style (yet) for irealpro, I've rendered it in Latin.
    Under The Sea - Alan Menkin
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    Default To Sir With Love - Marc London

    To Sir With Love - Marc London

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    Default Eddie's thème (Who framed Roger Rabbit)

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    Default Halleluya

    Hallelujah - Schrek

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackTrombone View Post
    Eddie's theme (Who framed Roger Rabbit)
    Nice addition!
    Remember to set correct key so that transpositions will be done non-confusingly (piece is in G, but key was set to C).
    Also, double-barlines at beginning of sections would be better, both visually and musically (some styles will play a drum fill there), and end-of-song barlines should only go at the end.

    Happy playing.

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    Default A Summer Place (Theme) - Steiner-Discant

    Theme from 'A Summer Place' - Steiner-Discant

    Percy Faith's instrumental arrangement in F, modulating to D. Played once through only. Suggestion: set mixer to "Piano & Strings"
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    There's two kinds of mistakes you can play: The ones you notice, and the ones somebody else might notice.

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