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Thread: Film Music

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    Default Hobbit Walking Song by Brocel´ande.

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    Type spiderman into the irb search field. You'll find it's been posted in this forum already.
    Here is an alternate version for you:

    Spiderman Theme


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    Smile Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Memorable from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and, for old geezers like myself, a 1931 Merrie Melodies cartoon.

    Smile, Darn Ya, Smile (C) music Max Rich; lyrics Charles O'Flynn & Jack Meskill

    Settings: Jazz > Gypsy Jazz; Tempo = 180

    Now SMILE darn ya!
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    Whistle While You Work (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) by Frank Churchill & Larry Morey, 1937

    I don't know what key the original is, but Satchmo did it in C

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    I Wonder - Hibler/Sears/Bruns/Tchaikovsky
    (From Sleeping Beauty)

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    Default Film Music 40

    Seems to play best using pop country style at about 200bpm. I doubled up the bars but I suppose for simplicity you could half everything but in the current layout it plays back best.
    You're The One That I Want - Grease - Jphn Farrar

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    Replaced G with Em7 typo
    You're The One That I Want - Grease - John Farrar

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    Default TV Theme from Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini

    Peter Gunn (F) - Henry Mancini
    There's two kinds of mistakes you can play: The ones you notice, and the ones somebody else might notice.

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    Thanks! Great song. This helped me a lot
    Cheers! Dave... MacBook Pro - OS X 10.10 - Mac iRp v 6.1 - iOS iRp v 6.1

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    Default Disney or Pixar

    This is you got a friend in me. If anyone else has anything to add, please do!

    You Got A Friend In Me - Unknown Composer
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