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Thread: Film Music

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    Default Film Music

    Film Music 40

    Individual songs:
    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella) - David-Hoffman-Livingston
    A Whole New World (Aladdin) - Alan Menken
    Alice In Wonderland - Sammy Fain
    An Affair To Remember - Harry Warren
    Another Way to Die (James Bond) - Jack White
    Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book), The - Terry Gilkyson
    Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King) - Elton John-Tim Rice
    Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas) - Menken-Schwartz
    Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) - Mel Leven
    Diamonds Are Forever (James Bond) - Black-Barry
    Down Here On The Ground (Cool Hand Luke) - Lalo Schifrin
    Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (The Aristocats) - Al Rinker
    Everything I Do (Robin Hood) - Adams-Kamen
    Exodus - Ernest Gold
    From Russia With Love (James Bond) - John Barry
    Goldfinger (James Bond) - John Barry
    I Wanna Be Like You (The Jungle Book) - Richard Sherman-Robert Sherman
    Let It Go (Frozen) - Kristen And Rober Lopez
    Licence To Kill (James Bond) - Gladys Knight
    Live And Let Die (James Bond) - Paul McCartney-Linda McCartney
    Love (Walt Disney's Robin Hood) - George Burns
    Man With The Golden Gun (James Bond) - Black-Barry
    Monsters, Inc. - Randy Newman
    More (Mondo Cane) - Ortolani-Oliviero
    Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (James Bond) - Bricusse-Barry
    Nobody Does It Better (James Bond) - Marvin Hamlisch
    Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty) - Fain-Lawrence (Tchaikovsky)
    Peter Gunn - Henry Mancini
    So This Is Love (Cinderella) - David-Hoffman-Livingston
    Soap - George Aliceson Tipton
    Someday My Prince Will Come (Snow White) - Frank Churchill
    Speak Softly, Love (The Godfather) - Kusik-Rota
    Spiderman - Webster-Harris
    Star Trek - Roddenberry-Courage
    View To A Kill (James Bond) - Duran-Barry
    We Have All The Time In The World (James Bond) - David-Barry
    You Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story) - Randy Newman
    You Know My Name (James Bond) - Arnold-Cornell
    You Only Live Twice (James Bond) - Bricusse-Barry
    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Song of the South) - Allie Wrubel
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    Default More - alternate chords

    More by R.Ortolani
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    Default Soap Theme

    Soap - Theme by Unknown Composer

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    Default Film Music

    The Jungle Book 1966

    Bear Necessities, The by Terry Gilkyson

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    Default Bond themes

    In memoriam John Barry Prendergast. I'll add more as I have time to figure them out.

    Goldfinger, From Russia and Nobody Does are hereabouts already. Dr No is just an Em CESH vamp (up and down from the 5th in semitones) with B7s at the back end of the bridge, so doesn't really need a chart.

    Had to take some liberties with rhythms (generally preferred to put the chord on the beat following the anticipation, or occasionally where visually clearest). And the odd bar break in LALD should be 3/8, but iRB can't handle that (doesn't really need to, to be honest).

    Enjoy and let me know if you have tweaks to suggest,
    007b9 (licence to alter dominants)

    Playlist containing 5 songs:
    Bond Themes

    Individual songs:
    Diamonds Are Forever by Black-Barry
    Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney
    Man with the Golden Gun by Black-Barry
    You Know My Name by Arnold-Cornell
    You Only Live Twice by Bricusse-Barry

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    Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Bricusse-Barry

    View to a Kill by Duran-Barry

    Another Way to Die by White-Arnold

    Not _at_all_ one of my favourites (IMO almost as inappropriate and forgettable as Die Another Day), but someone asked me about it the other day. What's to say about four power chords over a heavy hollowed-out Amen break... Still, some people seem to love it.

    What is interesting is that the basic chord structure is a straight rip from Cornell's You Know My Name. That was:
    Bm G E

    This is:
    B G E

    Which is thematically appropriate, since the film Quantum of Bollocks, sorry, Solace was a direct follow-on sequel from Casino Royale. So, some thought involved!

    PS If anyone's interested, Die Another Day is all of:
    | Cm | Ab Bb |

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    Default Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) the Color Purple

    Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) from the Color Purple

    Anyone have this song?

    Moderator edit
    Look here:
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    Default Disney Classics

    I haven't found any other thread with Disney classics (and recents), so I thought it'd be a good idea to start one.
    My first Disney chart, the song from "Cinderella".

    Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A

    Another favorite:

    Alice In Wonderland

    From the 1937 (!) movie "Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs".

    Someday My Prince Will Come

    From 1967's "Jungle Book".
    This has been posted elsewhere, but I watched the original movie, took the chords from a Disney book, so now I feel this is temporarily definitive ;-)
    Structure and key is same as in movie (without spoken parts).

    Bare Necessities, The

    From "The Aristocats" (1970).
    Another good one, but a bit different from movie - that structure is too complicated. I took this chart from a Disney songbook.
    The C section is begun by Eva Gabor (the high-class cat-moiselle), and ended by Thomas O'Malley (the deuteragonist), and originally is about half-time, before it picks up again at A.

    Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

    Very plain version, waiting for a jazzy one.
    From "Song of the South".


    From "Cinderella", a nice waltz.

    So This Is Love

    Another fun number from "Jungle Book".

    I Wanna Be Like You

    This is "Sleeping Beauty"'s famous song-in-the-woods by Princess Aurora. It's a Tchaikovsky theme for his own "Sleeping Beauty", ripped off and expanded by Fain (the Wikipedia article, by the way, cites only Bruns as composer of music...). Anyway, a wonderful melody.
    Once Upon A Dream

    Everybody knows this comes from "101 Dalmatians"! (1961)

    Cruella De Vil

    LissaLaar posted this on its own thread; I thought I'd post it here also.

    LOVE from Walt Disney's Robin Hood

    Here's a song from "the lion king":

    Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John (Tim Rice, lyrics)

    Here's "A whole new world" from "Aladdin".
    I made two versions: basic, standard-like structure, and the movie structure (first exposition).
    The latter is not beautiful to look at, but plays correctly.

    Whole New World (basic), A - Alan Menken

    Whole New World (movie), A
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    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Hi, I created a Disney-songs thread in the MOVIES, etc area. Bare Necessities is there, and I'll add CYFTLT now.
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    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Default Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather) - 2 versions

    1. Speak Softly Love (D- Traditional) - Nino Rota

    Speak Softly Love (D- Traditional)

    Settings: "Latin > Brazil: Bossa Acoustic" Tempo: 66


    2. Speak Softly Love (C- Swing)- Nino Rota

    Speak Softly Love (C- Swing)

    Settings: "Jazz > Medium Swing" Tempo: 100

    (Inspired by a Joey DeFrancesco Trio concert video on YouTube - check it out!)
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