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Thread: Thank You iReal pro

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    Default Thank You iReal Pro

    Today, the 4th of July, the USA is celebrating its Independence Day.

    I continue to celebrate my *musical* independence.

    Thanks to iReal pro, I'm liberated from:
    --Carrying a heavy backpack full of fakebooks around
    (and still not being able to find the right chart)
    --struggling to transpose unfamiliar charts on the fly.
    --having difficulty reading charts on a dark stage.
    --boring practice routines.
    --problems getting a quick chart for a listener-requested tune.
    --even needing a *band* (well, sometimes)
    (when there's not enough budget to fairly pay my players)

    I can only imagine how different my life would be if this life-changing musical app had been around when I was in high school...

    Thank You iReal Pro!

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    I fully agree. iRP has changed my musical life. I now have a drummer and bassist who will play with me any time I like, at my tempo, in my key, in my style. I use iRP on my solo gigs and sound like a trio. My listeners seem to really enjoy the Keith88 trio and I enjoy playing for them. I will echo Bob's quote
    I can only imagine how different my life would be if this life-changing musical app had been around when I was in high school..
    I suspect I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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    Thank you!

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    A nice interpretation of Thanksgiving...!

    I'm very happy with iRealPro. I use it very often, mostly for practice and working out song progressions. I even had a lot of fun cracking the URL obfuscation code .

    My happiness would go beyond 100% if there were a linux version, or even an Android-intel version so I could run it on my desktop as well.

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    Default Thanksgiving Day 2016

    Musicians, all of us.

    We are beginners, wannabes, hobbyists, weekend warriors, amateurs and professionals, full-timers, headliners, Grammy winners, composers and educators.

    Each of us with our own individual talents, interests and preferences.

    Instrumentalists and vocalists alike, we all use the same 12 tones arranged in infinitely varied orders, timings and combinations.

    Our common bond: the chord changes we share that define our lives' sound-tracks.

    I am thankful for the iReal pro app. I use it daily. It has, in no small measure, transformed and improved my musical life.

    On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I am reminded to also be thankful for all of the musicians who have helped me along my path by sharing their songs, musical knowledge and insights.

    The Forums have grown to nearly 100,000 registered members. We live and play music in every corner of our world. At any time, day and night, 24/7 there are always members and guests somewhere using and exploring the Forums.

    We are all in this together.
    Share the joy.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

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    Thank you Bob for all your help in the forum as a musician, as an admin, as a great person who cares for fellow music lovers.

    Thanks to everyone in this wonderful iReal Pro community for sharing their music with each other!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Default Thanksgiving Day 2017

    Another year. I still use iReal pro every day in my musical life. I continue to discover different ways to connect musical ideas together.

    Thank you to all of you who share your musical ideas here as well as through performance.

    As I read through this thread, it's clear to me that "thrill" isn't gone.

    Thank You iReal pro!
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    Thanks a million folks��
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    Default Thanksgiving 2018

    iReal pro makes it easy to share charts. I see folks AirDrop or email charts across a jam circle all the time.
    Vocalists use iReal pro to quickly determine their best performance key for songs.
    The many player-styles make experimentation easy.
    iReal pro had helped musicians all over the world improve their "chops", skills and knowledge.

    I've been reflecting on how fortunate I am to be part of the music community. I am thankful for the wonderful musicians I have played with on my musical journey. The experience of making music with others is difficult to explain to "civillians" but we know when those special moments happen.

    iReal pro makes it easier for musicians to play together.

    Thank You iReal pro!

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    Thumbs up Thanks to the whole team!

    Following a change of email account, I no longer had access to the iPhone version of'iReal.
    After explanation, iReal provided me with a link to reload it on my new account. I thought the gesture was very nice. Thanks to the whole team!

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