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    Default Thank You iReal pro

    Today in the US we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday. For some, part of the tradition includes sharing with others what makes us thankful.

    I am especially thankful for iReal b.

    This app has helped me beome a better musician. It has allowed me to play in settings that would not have been previously possible. The positive changes in my playing that came from having thousands of tunes "in my pocket" instantly available in any key has led to un-imagined career opportunities.

    However the app is used, in the "pro" setting for easily shared, highly legible ensemble performance charts, as a back-up band for individual performance, as the the BEST practice tool ever alone in the studio, iReal b is in my opinion, easily the most important advance in music education in my lifetime.

    I am thankful for the musician who took the time to show the app to me and I hope those I've introduced to the app are thankful as well and continue to share iRealb with others.

    My heartfelt thanks to Massimo, Dflat, Niki and the rest of the iReal pro team for making this possible.

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