The Beat goes on!
Now more than 145,000 Forum members along with many more "guests" viewing and downloading iReal pro charts all the time.

iReal pro is all about chart sharing. I am thankful for all who share their charts in the forums. By comparing different versions of the same song I often get new (to me) musical ideas. The iRp player makes it easy.

I am thankful for the the music teachers, instructors and mentors who have incorporated iReal pro into their programs and practice. Using iReal pro chord charts focuses on "the changes", chord progressions that provide the necessary framework for musical notes/melodies. Reading a melody line note by note will play a song. A single chord progression will play many songs (eg. I, vi, IV, V). There are many helpful posts in the forums that help demystify the secret language musicians use.

I believe that most folks, most of the time are doing the best they can. I am thankful for our members whose posts are intended to help others in their musical journeys.

I remain thankful for iReal pro which continues to make my musical life better. I hope you feel the same