Thanksgiving 2022

I often view the Forum's “activity stream”. I like seeing who is on the Forums and how many members and guests are using our content.

No matter when I happen to check-in, day or night (you know, musicians’ hours…) there are always a bunch of users searching, browsing, studying and learning from the content shared here by other members.

I am amazed that we have members from all over the world. Anywhere there's internet, there are musicians that use iReal pro. On every continent, in every country.
Each a musical brother or sister who shares our same musical language.

I also like to see when they joined our community. Of course there is a steady stream of new members, each with many of the same how-to questions. As more features have been included and iReal pro continues to have updates, there is always more to learn.

I’m especially happy to see many long-time members using the Forums. Even after a decade or longer, they still find the Forums a valuable resource and relevant in their musical lives.

A reminder: I have not seen any iReal pro advertising.
Each of our members/users (even you) learned about iReal pro from a fellow musician.

My musical life has been changed for the better because another musician took their time to tell me about iReal pro. I remain thankful to them.

In the app's early days, most musicians didn’t own a device on which they could use the app. For many, that was a roadblock to iReal pro (iReal Book, iReal b) Less than 15 years later, nearly *everyone* has a device in their pocket that's compatible with iReal pro!

Please suggest iReal pro to others. They will appreciate it and remember you!

Thank you for using iReal pro and thanks to iReal pro for being useful to my music in so many ways.