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Thread: Syncopation & STOPS

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    Smile Syncopation & STOPS

    Hi there, does anybody know how to write "STOPS" into the charts??
    thanks and cheers,


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    G'day Jen,
    You must mean write a STOP that would cause the player-feature to become silent for a specified length of time or insert silent measure(s).
    If the charts meant to just be read and performed by musicians, I use the text feature for the instructions:
    Minor Swing 1 - Reinhardt-Grapelli

    Stops/breaks for the player-feature have been requested (and I think they may be on the "someday soon..." list)
    Closest is the N.C. = no chord = music stops, drums continue. Experiment with adding double-bars and different time signatures to alter the drums (fills etc) results may vary with the style selected.

    Another option is to record player output in an outboard device, edit the audio for the stop. That, however takes you out of irb.

    More info:

    On the subject of syncopation, this thread may be of interest:
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxdjazz View Post
    Stops/breaks for the player-feature have been requested (and I think they may be on the "someday soon..." list)
    ... Any news on this? It has been a few years since.

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    Default Please make silences possible, pleaze!

    I need to have a playback with x measures of sound and x measure of silence...

    Yes, I know about the "NC trick" but with that the drums are still going... I've searched the forums and I've seen that this feature is on the list since a couple of years now; and nothing has happened since than. That's kind of sad. It shouldn't be such a big deal to program it; or is it?
    So please baby baby pleaze: get at it.
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    Answered your previous post in this thread

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