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I too have been experiencing this same issue with iRealPro and the Alesis I/O dock ever since updating to IOS 7. Never experienced any issues at all until updating to IOS 7 and I have the latest firmware from Alesis as well. It's an issue for me as I use iRealPro with the Alesis I/O dock in a live gigging situation quite frequently and this has been a major issue on my live gigs. It's an intermittent issue and it's unpredictable when it's going to happen but it assuredly happens every time. Kind of embarrassing to have to continually apologize for technical difficulties and I have become quite reliant on iRealPro when performing jazz and standards in a solo situation.

Any idea of when this minor release might be available for testing?

Thanks for the great app
The update is coming in a week or so. We hope it will fix the issue. Thank you for your patience!