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Thread: Syncing Libraries...via playlist??

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    Default Syncing Libraries...via playlist??

    I searched the forum and saw an admin comment on how there isn't a way to currently sync libraries from one device to another...which I couldn't believe. I came to this sight thinking that it could be easily done by making a playlist of your entire library and then loading that on a different device...let me explain.

    I use iReal on my iPad and iPhone. My iPad has everything on it...jazz standards, my compositions, etc. Can I somehow transfer all of these to my iPhone? I loaded all of the standards into my iPad by clicking on the "Jazz 1200" playlist...can't I make a playlist of my entire library and then click on it while using my iPhone to load everything?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, it's been discribed before:
    Decide which device will be primary/master.
    Always email yourself a complete backup from each device just in case.
    Remember that android devices can only handle about 300 songs at a time ao if it's your slave unit, and your iPad will be master, you will need to make a bunch of shorter playlists on the iPad.
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    I do charts on the iPad when I'm out and on my Mac when I'm home.
    I guess the way to get everything to my ipad is Library>Songs> command A to highlight all songs and put them in a playlist labeled All Songs with the date and email playlist.?

    How do I do this with the iPad to send it to my Mac?

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    How does putting everything into a playlist and emailing it differ from just emailing a backup? The idea is that you delete all music from the slave device and then import the backup from the master.

    I also consider my iPad to be my master file and I sync that to my iPhone. What I have been doing, though, is syncing the iPad to my Mac the usual way, and while it is connected I copy the file UserSongs.plist to the desktop of the Mac. Then when I sync my iPhone, I replace its existing UserSongs.plist with the one from the iPad. I was having problems syncing last week so I'm not 100% sure this still works in the new version, but I'm pretty sure this is what did eventually work rather than the email method.

    Emailing is problematic for me because the Mac grabs all of my email and deletes it from the server. So to email to my phone I have to shut down Mail on the Mac, email the backup from the iPad, grab it on the iPhone, restart mail on the Mac, clean up the chaos of the emails that are now on the wrong devices, etc. Copying the file is far simpler.

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    Thanks Anton for trying to help.

    1) I don't see any way to email a backup from the iPad.
    ..a) Email seems to work only on songs . If no songis selected the share button on top doesn't work.
    ..b) If I could get all the songs easily onto one playlist on the ipad I think you can email a playlist but I haven't figured it out with the new iRealpro.
    ......the old way gave you the option of emailing the tune or it's list. I don't see how to do it now.

    2)In I tunes I saved the user songs.plist to my desktop but I don't know how to get it into the app on my mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobsax View Post
    1) I don't see any way to email a backup from the iPad.
    In Settings, scroll down to Backup. That function emails the backup.

    2)In I tunes I saved the user songs.plist to my desktop but I don't know how to get it into the app on my mac?
    I don't know anything about the desktop version, sorry. My method only works from IOS to IOS. And it still works in IOS7; I used it yesterday.


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