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Thread: 1st & 2nd ending alignment

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    Default 1st & 2nd ending alignment

    With iRealPro 5.0.1 on an original iPad-1, I'm unable to get my first & second endings to align despite there being plenty of room on the page.

    I've read the "layout conventions" at:
    I've got only a single left-hand bar-line under the first beat of each numbered ending. Not sure what else I'm doing wrong.

    Also looked around to see how I can post an example of my problem, but couldn't find instructions. Maybe you can point out how to do that.


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    I do it by inserting "blank" spaces one at a time (there's a button for that in the editor) or by highlighting where I want the space(s) to be and selecting "insert space". Either choice moves following measures/chords along in the chart or on down the page.
    32 Bar AABA - Template - Template
    For charts that have issues, you can simply post your chart as it is and then describe your problem so others can see it and help you.

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    I'm able to enter first & second endings but they don't wind up aligned on separate lines like the "layout conventions" seems to say: "If vertical space permits, we line up the first bar of the 1st and 2nd time bars underneath each other with what could be a long system space of nothing to the left"

    Here's my example:

    Thanks again for any advice....Lyle

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    I supplied an edited version in reply to your sandbox post.
    Re-read this about INSERTING BLANK SPACE:

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    OK. I thought that the "layout conventions" was implying that I didn't need to leave space for alignment, but that the editor would add space to achieve alignment when I closed the chart out. No biggie, manual adding works fine.



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