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Thread: Changing Time Signature

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    The built-in Templates provide either 4, 4-space bars for each 16-space line (48) or 8, 2-space measures(96) and others. I most often start with the 48 bar page, quickly edit it as needed, then delete unused bars (highlight-cut).
    You are welcome to create your own ,blank template (be sure to save it for your future use).

    3-space bars create other spacing issues.
    Will you use 5 bars per line (with an extra space)?
    A 16-bar section will have 3-lines (systems) and an extra bar...

    You really don't need to delete any spaces; 4-space measures will work just fine AND the charts will be "square".
    Check out how iReal pro handles other posted 3/4, 3/2, 6/8, and 6/4 songs.
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    Thanks. I think I get it now.


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