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Thread: ipad vs mac os x question . . .

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    Default ipad vs mac os x question . . .

    I've purchased (and love) iReal b for my ipad - I'm wondering if there are enough benefits to the mac version to spend another $20. I like the ipad version so much, I can't imagine the mac version being any better. I just wish there were a way to get lyrics and melodies in addition to the chords.

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    For me the speed in which you can edit and make new charts, as well as drag and drop for playlists etc was well worth the extra money. I was actually using the Android Ireal B version on my Motorola, bought the mac version and finally upgraded to the ipad version. I only use the ipad for editing when I'm either on the gig or on the fly, otherwise the mac version eats it in speed of time and ease of use!

    My 2 cents, anyhow!


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