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Thread: Is there somewhere that tells how to read the chords?

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    Default Is there somewhere that tells how to read the chords?

    I think I know a plus sign means augmented and a degree small zero probably means diminished, but I am only guessing. When a chord needs a +11 or something that you do not ordinarily find on a simple chord chart (I want to play on either piano and guitar) Where can I find the description of what the symbols mean the way they are written in iReal Book?

    I know sometimes there are differences in the way people write out chords and the charts I have do not sound right. I think the chords in iReal Book are a little fancier than what I have been able to find descriptions of on the internet yet. Do you have any good links to chord definition sites?



    PS: I just found this on another thread, and this is a good start, but I would like to learn how to construct chords and make them right to follow iReal Book the best possible way.

    Posted in another thread by BOB:

    "-" means minor

    The triangle means maj.7

    circle means diminished

    circle with a slash means half-diminished, think min7b5

    the + means augmented (#5)
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    Default Chord qualities

    UPDATE 2017
    Chord Diagrams are now included in the app (piano, guitar, ukulele) and scales in notation too.

    Also read this thread:

    Hi Ken,
    look at this article (it's pretty technical)
    start with the chart on Triads
    and then the other charts that add additional notes
    and further modify the chords
    Here's a couple more pages you might find helpful:

    Jazz ain't rocket science.....wait, maybe it is.

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    That looks exactly like rocket science to me. I can see taking years of Music Theory at Julliard before mastering the subject. Here's what I was looking for: The Ultimate Guitar Chrod ChartII by Pilliip J. Facoline:

    He gives 20 pages of chord charts that give a good encampment of most all of the chords that anyone would ever need, This one is for guitar, but for Piano, again, Band-In-A-Box will nicely display any chord you want on a virtual keyboard. Good thing we have the internet as a resource.

    Thanks pdx
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