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Thread: Un homme et une femme (a man and a woman) - Francis Lai

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    Default Un homme et une femme (a man and a woman) - Francis Lai

    I hope you enjoy it, please improve if needed.
    The end looks weird but that's the closest i found as a playback.

    CHANGE TEMPO to 130

    Un homme et une femme - Francis Lai

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    Definitely a challenging piece! You're not quite there yet. Search for the sheet music online to see how it handles the time signature changes. For playback purposes, you'll need to add some extra bars, since the Player doesn't process the fermata. And if you listen to the original you'll notice the entire Coda can just be in 3/4 (I'd use the "S" setting for the chords there). There are also simple entry errors in bars 1 and 13, and you should change the default key to E Major. Kudos for trying to tackle this booger!
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    Un Homme Et Une Femme - Francis Lai
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    Un Homme et Une Femme - Francis Lai

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