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Thread: iReal b Based Gigs on Video?

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    Default iReal b Based Gigs on Video?

    Does anyone have some video of themselves at a gig using iReal b as their rhythm section? I'd love to see it.


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    I'd like to see that too. A couple of members have threatened to post some live performances, but I haven't seen any yet.
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    Check out my YouTube

    These vids are from my studio, but this is how I've been gigging for almost 2 yrs. Big fan of Massimo since Day One. iReal enabled me to go solo. The market just does not support even a trio. I play top Los Angeles country clubs & corp parties. Make real money.

    No one has ever ever dissed the backing trax. EVER. They just rave about the sound of real jazz guitar, my Gibby ES -175's. People just don't hear that kind of liquid ear candy anymore... and I am no great player! But I've learned my heads and can vamp reasonably well.

    I have over 500 custom arrangements. Standards, funk, soul, smooth jazz, 70's jazz, lotsa bossa, Stevie. Can play just about any crowd. Never could have put this together with a live trio ... No one has the work ethic that the old jazz cats had -- to learn EVERYTHING. Joke is, when I do get a gig for trio or quartet ... the sidemen WANT to play along with iReal ... cuz they quickly realize they don't REALLY know enuf songs -- the old "40 songs" set list does not come close to what my gigs require.

    Massimo is my hero! It isn't often you make $10K on a $10 app.
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