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Thread: I Can't Get No Satifaction - Jagger-Richard (Rolling Stones)

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    Post I Can't Get No Satifaction - Jagger-Richard (Rolling Stones)

    I Can't Get No Satifaction - Jagger-Richard
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    The link doesn't work...maybe re-post it.
    Thanks in advance!
    Steve Works
    Rolling Stones

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    Just tested, the song link works,
    iReal Pro app required.

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    Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) - Jagger-Richards

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    Quote Originally Posted by shibata View Post
    Shibata, I fooled around a bit with the intro to try to get the iconic opening riff in there; see what you think. (I switched the bass, too; a Moog bass for an early 60s song sounded a bit incongruous to my ears).
    Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) riff ver- - Jagger-Richards

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