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Thread: Opening a playlist

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    Question Opening a playlist

    I had to reset my iPhone and reinstall all my music here at iRealb. I also got an iPad and installed it on that device as well. I do not recall so many steps when I first purchased the app 4 years ago. It seemed to be a plug and play.
    My question is this: how do you open a playlist??? Every time I click on a playlist a window opens wanting me to rename it! I have Jazz, Beatles and Bluegrass and have to go song by song. 1500 of them.
    So not only have I lost all my previous lists and keys I can't open what's there. Please rescue me!!

    (different issue but will both devices reflect each other or do I have to do everything twice?)
    Thank you in advance

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    I don't know what I did but I hit something and now the upper right corner of the playlist box says "edit" and by some chance the songs are available in each list. Beats me!!

    But 2nd part of question is still open.

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    When the playlists wouldn't open, did each list name have a red circle with a horizontal white bar in front of it?
    If so, sounds like you accidentally touched that edit button (top/right). You clear it by touching "DONE" (also top/right).

    This may answer your other question:

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    related to your question about why iReal b no longer has all the original charts within the app, there is a link under the heading, "No melodies, No lyrics" in the first post of this thread:
    Also are a number of other links that might be helpful.
    You will probably find the updated playlist for jazz has additional songs from the original set provided inside iReal b.

    Following on from Bob's answer (and anyone else following this thread):
    Tap playlists tab, then a playlist to open its list of songs.
    If you tap the Edit button, you can delete or rename playlists (as you have found out).
    If you delete playlists, the songs will remain, so if you do not find the Jazz one you downloaded useful, delete it.
    Run a Backup (from Hub>Utilities) from time to time to save your songs and playlists for any time you need to re-install.

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