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Thread: Bob Marley songs

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    Default Bob Marley songs

    Stir It Up by Bob Marley

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    The most famous one (it's been posted elsewhere, but I thought I'd put all the ones I found here).
    I corrected the composer (see Wikipedia for explanations), but kept Marley as last name since he's the composer you'd search under.
    Also, I added a long outro (taking advantage of new Coda sign behavior) in order to solo and have sing-a-longs ;-)
    and also set it in 2/4 in order to have it play more as original.

    No Woman, No Cry
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    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Full version of is this love Is This Love? - Bob Marley


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