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Thread: Here's that Rainy Day - Van Heusen

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    Default Here's that Rainy Day - Van Heusen

    Changes from Burton's arrangement

    Here's That Rainy Day-Burton - Van Heusen
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    Default Rainy Day for Guitarists

    "HTRD" is a jazz standard I teach my students when they are learning how to play chord melodies. Here's a short video that explains the basics of playing chord melodies on guitar. The chart I use in the video, with permission from the publisher, is from The New Real Book, Volume One. I believe that every serious musician should own this book.

    The iReal Pro app allows you to remove the piano accompaniment so you can practice playing the chord melody arrangement with bass and drums. This is helpful because guitarists are often the only harmonic instrument in the group. Practicing with the app like this also helps you learn how to keep good time, which is helpful in all playing situations.

    You can also apply the same techniques described to play chord melodies to your chord solos. Just remember the golden rule: If it sounds good, it is good.
    Susan Palmer, Adjunct Professor at Seattle University

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    Default Here’s That Rainy Day - decided to recreate this version myself

    Here's That Rainy Day 2 - Jimmy Van Heusen
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