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Thread: Android and IOS Playalong Styles

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    Default Android and IOS Playalong Styles

    Are the playalong styles for IOS different from the playalong styles with Android? I ask because somebody with an IRealb IOS showed me the playalong styles he can pick from. I have the Android version and his style list was different from mine. Maybe the styles are the same, but just have diffeernt names?


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    I just compared the the iOS and Andriod player styles. (I've purchased the available iOS style-packs, styles are included in the android distro)
    Both offer what appear to be the same 35 styles. (in the player function)
    The list of styles that comes up on the song info screen (in the editor) can contain user described style names that are not available player function styles. I can write a song chart and label its style as "Funky Bluegrass". The player is happy to play it using any of the 35 available player-styles (none of which are "Funky Bluegrass")

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