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Thread: Which style for reels, jigs, hornpipes, Playford dances, contra dances?

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    Default Which style for reels, jigs, hornpipes, Playford dances, contra dances?

    I just installed the app for music I want to practice (see subject). I found 12 fiddle tunes here. IRealB is an impressive program.

    But the three styles available don't really fit the dance music I play. I looked at the styles available for sale but did not know which if any would work. I'm looking for a simple oom-chuck kind of style. (As you can tell, I do not play keyboards.)

    On Band in a Box there is a Scott Joplin style that works pretty well.

    Any suggestions.
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    I was wondering about the same thing. Have you looked at the Bluegrass pack that is available in the store with the pop styles. There is only a sample but allot of the fiddle tunes have a similar rhythm.
    Keep me posted and let me know if you come up with a solution.

    Good luck


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    Give the gypsy jazz style a try. Use the player's mixer feature to slide the drums to OFF.
    Let us know what you think.

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    Gypsy Jazz with the Drums off is about the best for me.
    Bluegrass has chord on the downbeat, plus Banjo arpeggio over all 4 beats.
    Neither one is the "Boom-Chuck" (Bass on 1&3, and chord on 2&4) we're looking for. I'd think that would be a simple pattern that would work for a lot of music.


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    It's a fantastic app! I too, wish there were styles more suitable for celtic folk musicians.

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    Gypsy Jazz is of some use when playing Celtic folk, but not the answer to everything. Hornpipes, jigs etc need a lilty swing, but not off the beat. It's not just the drums that are trying to be clever in most of the available styles. The piano or guitar is also jazzing around. Folk is a pretty simple affair compared to jazz. Reels need an oompah style bass. Chords are not always played complete, so the feature of blocking out parts of the chord is good. I would like to be able to write a moving bass without any chord sometimes. We folkies need less sophisticated backing, to start with!
    Do you need any help? I would be happy to provide some examples, in MuseScore/Midi/XML.

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    Default Fiddle tunes

    I am having trouble finding the appropriate "style" for Irish/Scottish fiddle tunes suck as reels, airs, etc. Any suggestions
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