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    Default naming songs

    I am using IRB to compose specific chord sequences for practice but I am missing something crucial. Can anyone explain the procedure for naming a specific piece. I discovered the answer once but I can't seem to replicate it. Thanks

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    The 50 exercises included with app are easily found by searching the COMPOSER list for "exercise".
    Personal exercise charts could be easily found and differentiated from the app's exercise charts by naming their composer:
    Search "practice" for user charts, "exercise" for the app 50' or "practice exercise" for all of 'em.

    Users have chosen many different ways to title their practice charts.
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    It is not exactly clear what you mean, but in addition to Bob's suggestions:
    - You can title a song anything you like. You might like to use a number preceding each title so they appear at the top of the song index (it could be the same number as it will order itself with the rest of the title, or just use numbers.) To title a song, it is done in Song Info (in Song Edit mode.)
    - Create a new Playlist(s) and put all your sequences in there so they are all in one place. You can order them as required (or run an alphabetical Sort.)

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    I recall instances when I have opened a song's title/composer/style/key edit screen and title wasn't displayed. It was there, just above the top of the screen. Simply swipe down to access it.
    That said, I can't seem to replicate that again now.....

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