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Thread: O Pato - Jayme Silva-Neuza Texeira

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    Default O Pato - Jayme Silva-Neuza Texeira

    O Pato by Jayme Silva - Neuza Texeira
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    Default Awesome

    Hey man,

    Thanks, this is an interesting version of O Pato, much nicer and more accurate than what is found online.
    Just for those who are interested in some nice variations, Joao Gilberto likes to take the D6/9 bars and make it D6 ->D6/9.
    Also, in bar 15 (Dmaj), I find it a bit nicer to take that that bar and the next one and do this: | D6 D6/9 | D7(9) D7(b9) |

    Thanks for sharing, when i get my act together i will be adding my understanding of all the bossa songs

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    Here is a modified version, more to my liking, a transcription of the version in the "bossa Nova songbook".
    O Pato - Jaime Silva - Neuza Texeira

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    Thanks Guys
    I had a ridicules version that must have beeb from the Brazilian playlist . Folks need to site their sources .
    ManualB thanks I'm going to label your chart as from the Brazilian Songbook
    Don't post a playlist as the songs in a Realbook if the changes aren't from the book.
    If you do transcribe changes from a book put it in the title RB1, RB2, GGB, Sher, etc


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