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Thread: Search -- A "someday" request

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    Default Search -- A "someday" request

    Like the software. Like the forums. Thanks all.

    It may be my lack of skill, but I can sometimes get discouraged searching the forums for a particular song.

    For example, search for the song "More - theme from Mondo Cane". Searching for "more" brings innumerable pages. Searching for More Mondo Cane brings all posts containing any of the words more, mondo, AND cane. Unsuprisingly "Mondo" isn't part of the title, so it is not a productive search. I found success by seeking for one of the writers of the song, "Ortolani"... 25 minutes later.

    Other times I've struck out searching for a song. Maybe it wasn't on the forums, or maybe I just couldn't find it.

    Looking for "Easter Parade" worked because I only searched for "Easter", then went through three or four different posts containing that word.

    Anyway, it would be a joy to have some additional search features, like searching using quotation marks. For example, searching for "Easter Parade", in quotes with the space would bring up one or two posts only. A more powerful search.

    Some kind of song search that excludes words within the post would be an alternative improvement.

    Different forum software has different search interfaces, and there are probable add-on modules for vBulletin.

    Thanks. And if someone sets me straight, Thanks for that in advance.

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    Yes, the search feature on the forums could be improved.

    Have you tried google site-search?

    "keyword(s) or title (in quotes)"

    Paste or type that string in a google search field.

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    I hardly ever use the Forum's Search function. Even when words in the title are uncommon, it's usually easier just to go straight to Google site search.

    Quote Originally Posted by ericp42 View Post
    ...I found success by seeking for one of the writers of the song, "Ortolani"...
    This is one reason (of several) that it irritates the hell out of me to see songs posted with "Unknown Composer" when it would take a few seconds to Google or Wiki a name. Oh well...
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