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Thread: Upload playlist to Forum with individual songs selectable

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    Default Upload playlist to Forum with individual songs selectable

    When posting a playlist to the Forum, how do you make the songs included in the list underneath individually selectable?
    Cheers! Dave... MacBook Pro - OS X 10.10 - Mac iRp v 6.1 - iOS iRp v 6.1

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    Been asked a couple of times before here also:

    I'd like to learn how to do it too.

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    Hi Bob
    I've had a search also but no luck, sure would be nice to know.
    Tried pasting the code into a txt editor to see if it was possible to edit prior to posting but WOW!
    Lots of code, their must be a simple method.
    Cheers! Dave... MacBook Pro - OS X 10.10 - Mac iRp v 6.1 - iOS iRp v 6.1

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    The most recent app versions automatically post playlists with individually linked songs.
    UNLESS the playlist is longer than ~300(?) songs.

    After some experimentation I've discovered that when multiple tunes are in the web editor
    and then uploaded to the Forums by copying all the text in the "Forums" box, a playlist is created that includes individual song links.

    So it would appear that a playlist posted without individual song-links can be imported into the editor and then re-posted from the editor to provide the (very useful) individual song-links.

    However-- my iPad (my primary irb device) won't copy text in the editor's forums box so i can't post to the forums from the web-editor in my iPad's safari browser.
    Note: my android phone can but manipulating the process in the tiny screen is problematic. (actually a real PITA...)
    Looks like I'll need to fire-up the PC to post (or edit/process) playlists to provide individual song-links.

    I think it would be nice if that feature were available (or automatic) across all platforms.
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    Thanks for the info Bob, hope i'm not double posting here, I can see my latest posts when logged in but some are missing when not?
    Having issues editing my older posts yet info says I can edit my posts, also I've edited posts before, weird.

    Yeah I love the iPad version but the Mac version is getting used the most lately. Love it.
    The editor is so natural to use, hardly ever touch the mouse.
    My youngest son uses Android phone, it's very good. I find all phones a bit tricky to use.
    Sure you'd think the feature would be integrated into the system, would help a lot

    iPad is the same here Bob. (can't copy/paste to Forums Box)
    Using Mac and Safari has worked, posted to Sandbox.
    Thanks again for your HowTo
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    Cheers! Dave... MacBook Pro - OS X 10.10 - Mac iRp v 6.1 - iOS iRp v 6.1


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