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Thread: slash chords and/or inversion notation

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    Default slash chords and/or inversion notation

    Could anyone help me out with the correct way to notate hybrid (slash) chords and inversions? I am using the app to write original music and I also sometimes make changes to the written changes of certain tunes. I see how they should look in the app's format conventions, but I don't know the correct procedure to get the slash in the correct place. Thanks
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    Open any existing chart that has slash chords in your irb editor. Put the cursor on a slash chord. Look at the text field.
    Just enter your info like that. Like: Cm7b5/Eb for example.

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    Bob, Thanks so much for answering my inversions question!

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    Default Slash chord with bass out

    I would like to indicate a bass that does not belong to the regular mode implied by the chord. For example:
    I cannot add this kind of chord to a chart. Do you think this is doable?
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    Why not?

    Slash Chord - Example


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